Everyone who wishes to become a member of the New Magnaura Circle, please note that being a member does not guarantee any material benefit or social power. Candidates have to accept their eventual participation in our Circle's activities as series of future manifestations of missionary work.

The membership in New Magnaura is legally settled by articles นน 11-21 of the Circle Constitution. In addition certain membership aspects are interpreted in articles นน 3, 24 (1) and (3), 25 i.5, 27, 29, 31, 32, 33 (2), 35 (3), 36, 45, 56-58, 60 (2).

Membership application

Individual and juridical applicants can file an membership form, as well as exigible additional documentation, by downloading the appropriate form (in MS Word 2000 format) by clicking one of the buttons below:

The documents should be filled in, printed and presented personally or by post. In case of registered personal electronic signature, the notifier can fill in the documents in MS Word and send by e-mail to:


If the application is for individual membership and it is sent by e-mail, it has to contain (or to be attended by) scanned notifier picture (passport format, 300 x 300 dpi).