Photo: Nikola Laoutliev

In the beginning of 2001 Iliya Kozhouharov consecutively shared with Mr. Peter Stanchev, Mr. Nikolay Arabadzhov, Mr. Angel Toporchev and Mr. Zheko Zhekov his idea for establishing an intellectual circle, with the aim of

protecting people from delusions.

During the following months the five men often commented that idea. They thought of the Circle as an alliance, which combined characteristic features of the legendary Plato Academy as well as the Vienna Circle and the Roma Club.

It was the summer of the same year when Iliya Kozhouharov's study "Mathematical Fundamentals of General Music Theory" was to be printed, that the five enthusiasts took the decision to name the future body

"New Magnaura".

That was the reason why the name "New Magnaura" appeared on the cover of the new book.

Year and a half had past that was devoted to the preparation of the Cirle's establishment. The biggest difficulty the five men had to overcome concerned the uncertainty of their own capacity and ability, as well as the serious possibility to remain misunderstood by society.