On 19th January, 2003 18 persons established

The New Magnaura Circle

 ̉hose people were (from left to right on the photo):

Hristo Nikolov Nikolaj Arabadzhov Todor Stoev Peter Popov Plamen Asenov Hikmet Mehmedov Zheko Zhekov Stojka Bakalova Iliya Kozhouharov Zinaida Lyubenova Stoyan Zajkov Angel Toporchev Aleksander Buzdrev Peter Stanchev Vasil Georgiev Kostadin Gribachev Stoyan Paurov Stepan Kostadinov

Photo: Nikola Laoutliev

Phyisically hindered to witness, but in their thoughts with them were:

Aron David Amar, Yordan Nikolov Pamukov and Klara Evlogieva Mechkova.

             Photos: personal archives                     Portrait: Krikor Kasapyan &

                                                                                      Iliya Kozhouharov

Photos: Nikola Laoutliev

The founders met together in the House of the scientists in the Old Plovdiv. After a consideration of

the Manifesto and the Constitution

of the future association they adopted them and thus they originated their little society, promising to do everything within their power to transform the noble aims of their missionary initiative into reality.

The founders voted a Board of managers of five:

Alexander Buzdrev, Iliya Kozhouharov, Kostadin Gribachev, Nikolaj Arabadzhov, and Peter Stanchev.

After that they voted

Iliya Kozhouharov

for a Chairman of the Board of managers.

The founders voted an Expert council of seven, too:

Angel Toporchev, Vasil Georgiev, Zheko Zhekov, Peter Popov,

Stoyan Zajkov, Todor Stoev, and Hikmet Mehmedov.

At the end the founders went home with the thought the world would be certainty better living place if there are more people who (like them) continuously exert efforts against 

the pathological human pursuit towards the delusion:

of these who for ages tirelessly spin its nets, as well as those who constantly and irresistibly strive to fail into them.